How do I get a free scan?
You can sign up for a FREE password scan here.
We will e-mail you your results within 24 hours.

How do I place an order?
Choose one of our password security services here.
You can choose to pay with PayPal or with a Credit Card via PayPal’s website.
Make sure you include the email address that you want to use for the search.

How does Password Alert scan the dark web? Does it use a third-party provider?
Our dark web service scans more than 12 billion records attached to hacks and data breaches, with almost a million new records added every day. That means each dark web scan is performed internally and no data is ever passed from a third party, including the email address(es) you scan using our Dark Web Scan. We partnered with a leading online intelligence company named Spy Cloud to provide the dark web data.

Is my email used for anything other than the dark web scan?
No. Your email address is only used to perform the dark web scan. For your security, no email address can be scanned without the owner of that email address verifying they wish to have the scan performed.

What does the dark web scan search for?
The scan searches for the provided email address, personal information, SSN, or leaked personal information linked to that email address such as passwords, bank account numbers, phone numbers, etc.

How are the stolen credentials found?
Password Alert focuses on cyber threats that are specific to our clients’ environments. We monitor the Dark Web and the criminal hacker underground for exposure of our clients’ credentials to malicious individuals.
We accomplish this by looking specifically for our clients’ top level email domains. When a credential is identified, we harvest it. While we harvest data from typical hacker sites like Pastebin, a lot of our data originates from sites that require credibility or a membership within the hacker community to enter. We monitor over 500 distinct Internet relay chatroom (IRC) channels, 600,000 private Websites, 600 twitter feeds, and execute 10,000 refined queries daily

What will you do with my email address?
When you perform a check on our homepage, your email address is used in a single check against our database. We’ll use it to send you a copy of the results of that check, and to follow up with advice on how to protect yourself. You can opt out of receiving these follow-up emails at any time.

Do you sell or share my email addresses?
Absolutely not. Your email address is used in a single database query. We will only store your email address if you create an Email Watchdog account.

What do I get with my purchase?
You will receive a PDF Report showing our findings (Any mention of your password, personal information, phone numbers, SSN, and what sites we found them on). The report will also have recommendations on the next steps to take to keep you safe.

What are some recent data breaches that may have affected my personal information?
This image shows an example of the data breaches that Password Alert scans to see if your personal information has been leaked.